“Grof” ham

Traditionally dry salted and smoked

Ham with a pleasant saltiness, a mature taste, and a beautiful shape and excellent marbling. The recipe from ancient times, the fresh air of the hilly areas and the gentle winds of the fertile plains created a soft structure of dried meat. The delicate, delicious taste of GROF real homemade ham was created with the love and attention of the host, manual processing and the experience of generations.

GROF real domestic ham is a trademark of Zagreb County, whose Product of Zagreb County confirms that GROF is an original domestic product. It is produced from pigs raised in the area of ​​Zagreb County, using the traditional method and manual processing that has been used since ancient times. GROF real homemade ham will enrich every family celebration and friendly get-togethers.

GROF real homemade ham is available in three types of packaging:

grof01 scaled

A whole ham

A vacuum-sealed piece of ham

Vacuum-sealed slices of ham