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The company KUDELIĆ d.o.o. for production, processing and trade was founded by Josip Kudelić in 1992; the company KUDELIĆ d.o.o. is a private company in its entirety since its foundation. At the beginning of the business, the company performed the activity of meat production without its own business premises - using the services of other slaughterhouses.

In the meantime, a decision was made to build a new facility for the production of meat and meat products at the location in Bedenica. The new facility was put into operation on September 19, 1997.

At that time, the company employed a total of 18 workers. Constant investments in the expansion of production capacities - both in infrastructure and in new technological equipment, have resulted in a constant increase in the number of employees - the company currently employs over 140 employees.

The company KUDELIĆ d.o.o. achieves positive economic and financial results, and has achieved stability, security and reputation in business.

It created its own range of products, which served as the basis for the creation of its own retail chain. Butchers have opened in the Zagreb markets in Dubrava, Trešnjevac, Sloboština, Sveti Ivan Zelina, Novi Marof, Konjščina, Bedekovčina, Oroslavje, Bedenica, Đurđevac and Varaždin.

Quality transport of raw materials and distribution of goods is ensured by our own transport. The production includes the production of fresh meat, semi-permanent and permanent meat products. There are currently over 100 types of cured meat products on the market of the entire Republic of Croatia.

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The activities of the company Kudelić include the slaughter of ungulates and ungulates, cutting and processing of ungulate and ungulate meat, the production of minced meat, meat preparations and products, and the production of rendered animal fat and crackling.

Kudelić d.o.o. opts for the following Food Quality and Safety Policy:
Customer satisfaction is the primary goal and parameter against which overall success is measured, and maintaining suitable hygienic conditions is a prerequisite for the production of a quality and healthy product.

In order to achieve, maintain and strengthen the Food Quality and Safety Policy, Kudelić d.o.o. undertakes:

  • to offer customers a product that will fully meet their requirements and expectations
  • expand the production and sales program
  • to produce a high-quality, healthy product, safe for consumption
  • achieve quality that will encourage customers to choose us again as a manufacturer
  • continuously improve and improve quality for the benefit of customers, management and employees
  • maintain and develop partnership relations with customers and suppliers
  • employ professional and capable staff motivated for constant development and improvement
  • establish the responsibilities of each employee for the performance of assigned work tasks
  • osigurati edukaciju zaposlenih u području sigurnosti hrane, te neprekidno podizanje svijesti o važnosti kvalitete
  • achieve the necessary hygienic working conditions in production plants
  • obtain resources for efficient work
  • set and monitor measurable and achievable quality goals
  • conduct activities in accordance with all legal and internal rules, as well as requirements for food safety
  • apply and implement HACCP principles
  • apply and continuously improve the efficiency of the process and quality management system based on the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001

The food quality and safety policy must be communicated, applied and maintained at all levels of the organization, and all employees must be familiar with it, accept and implement it.

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Kudelić d.o.o.

Company information

PODUZEĆE: Kudelić d.o.o. za proizvodnju, preradu i trgovinu
SKRAĆENI NAZIV: Kudelić d.o.o.
SJEDIŠTE I ADRESA: Bedenica 50a, 10381 Bedenica
OSNOVNA DJELATNOST (NKD): proizvodnja, prerada i konzerviranje mesa
DIREKTOR: Josip Kudelić
OIB: 02312920864
MATIČNI BROJ (MB): 03971333
REGISTARSKI SUD: Trgovački sud u Zagrebu
TEMELJNI KAPITAL DRUŠTVA: 1.939.400,00 kuna, uplaćen u cijelosti

Josip Kudelić